Midweek Service

Thunder in the Holy Land is a visually stunning, all-new video Bible study series shot in HD. Filmed in a National Geographic style, Thunder features on-location reporters throughout the Middle East. Join Pastor Charles Byrd and the Thunder team in their travels throughout the Holy Land and beyond as they explore the teachings of Jesus.

Series begins Wednesday, March 1, 2017 – 7:00 PM

Take a look at Episode 1 – and join us March 1st to study together!

01 Talking Stones from QuestLine Productions on Vimeo.

Series Topics:

  1. Talking Stones
  2. Battle with an Angel
  3. The Great Controversy
  4. Seeing the Invisible
  5. The Emmanuel Factor
  6. Salvation in One Word – YES
  7. Love is a “P” Word
  8. The Radical Repentance of Christ
  9. Real World Repentance
  10. Back to Eden
  11. The Day Love Thundered
  12. One 7th in Time
  13. Who Moved the Mark
  14. Unmasking the AntiChrist
  15. Testimony of the Tomb
  16. Dead Wrong
  17. Hell & Abraham’s Hairy Chest
  18. The Time is at Hand
  19. Symbols of Salvation
  20. The Spirit of Prophecy
  21. Jesus Chooses His Church
  22. Baptism in a Cup
  23. Dollars & $ense
  24. The US in Bible Prophecy
  25. The Great Comeback
  26. The Inheritance